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About Indiana State University

     Indiana State University was first established in 1865 as Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute, Indiana. It was originally a teacher’s college and has slowly branched out into becoming the university that it is today. Now it has 6 academic colleges, over 100 majors, and 70+ online programs offered to its students— 8,939 students as of Fall 2020. We have over 2500 students living on campus this year, which is an increase from previous years. Around 1,400 of our total enrollment are freshmen students, most of which also live on campus.

     Indiana State University is located on the western border of Indiana in downtown Terre Haute. We have 435 acres of land with 72 buildings (and plenty of trees) on our campus. We have been honored for the past several years as a tree-friendly campus, fitting since we are the Sycamores! In the past, we were recognized as the most sustainable school in the nation. Indiana State takes pride in its campus and keeps it looking beautiful in every season. Get ready for your breath to be taken away when you see how beautiful our campus is as you hunt for       s!

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