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Mission Briefing

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MOWII, GLACURH's Mascot Has Gone Missing! 

Detective, it is YOUR mission to help the RBD find MOWII! 

Do You ACCEPT This Mission?

       In our classic spin of the whodunit mystery game, Clue, GLACURH's mascot has been taken! The object of the game is to determine which suspect stole our beloved MOWII. We’re calling upon our best detectives and leaders from the Great Lakes Region to come together for one weekend and solve the mystery of a missing MOWII!

      Our theme of Clue allows our student leaders the opportunity to develop their skills to become excellent detectives. They will not only learn leadership skills but they’ll also learn to think outside the box and figure out which of our staff members stole MOWII. As a group, they will use teamwork to determine the culprit.

      Our detectives will leave with teamwork and problem-solving skills, which will aid them in solving any mysteries that come their way. During this weekend our detectives will get the chance to attend some amazing training courses or educational sessions. We cannot wait for all of our detectives to arrive at the crime scene to start our exciting weekend of learning, fun games, and socializing!

      While the detectives are off learning new skills and collecting evidence, the private investigators (P.I's) will be off in the boardroom discussing and discovering new training ideas. We have full trust that all of our P.I’s have prepared our detectives for this mystery-filled weekend, but there is always new training that our detectives can gain. So our P.I’s will get the chance to socialize with other P.I’s from all around the region.

      Almost forgot about the lead detectives! The lead detectives are the people that make this entire mysterious weekend possible. Just for them, there will be socials and lead detective training sessions that are specially curated for them to attend. They will have the opportunity to attend the lead detective training sessions that are generated and executed by other lead detectives from across our region! If they would like, the lead detectives may sit in on the boardroom discussions with our P.I’s.

       All of us here at Indiana State University cannot wait to welcome all of our detectives to our campus! Detectives       those note-taking pads ready because it is up to you guys to solve the mystery of MOWII’s disappearance.

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