Sleuther Spirit

Solving this mystery is going to require us to embrace the clandestine spirit of a true detective! Each branch of our collaborating agencies has the opportunity to win various prizes by collecting spirit points. Not        can these points be earned during the conference, but they can also be earned from activities that take place before our official kickoff. Take a look below to find some of the ways that you and your crew can start earning spirit points!


Roll Call
A roll call video is a video that introduces a school’s unit and delegates. These videos will be judged based on different criteria. The points earned from these videos will go towards an overall point score that will contribute to different conference awards. The roll call videos will also be presented at the conference. 

Roll Call Timeline 
Wednesday, October 12th – Roll Call video entries begins starting at noon 
Monday, October 17th – Roll Call video entry reminder 
Thursday, October 20th – Last Reminder Roll Call video entry reminder 
Saturday, October 22nd – Roll Call video entries closed at midnight 

Roll Call Guidelines 
This section will focus on the rules and guidelines of creating a roll call video and go over the different parts the contribute to the point score. 

- Each roll call video has a potential to earn 100 points 


- The winner of the roll call video category will earn an extra 50 points 

- Each video needs to be a maximum of two minutes 

- If a video goes over the maximum two minutes, a point will be docked from the roll call score for every minute the roll call videos go over 

- The roll call video must announce the name of the detective unit and the school it represents 

- The roll call video should involve the theme of the conference

(Clue: Where is MOWII) 

- 25 points is the maximum for theme  

- Another aspect is no missing information which should include School Name, GLACURH 2022, Theme Name, Detective Unit Name  

- The roll call video must show school spirit, Must show excitement 

- 25 points is the maximum for school spirit 

- The roll call video must have a creative component(s) 

- 25 points is the maximum for creativity component(s) 

- Creative components could involve costumes, props, etc.  

- The last graded component for roll call video is crowd reaction/involvement 
This will be determined on the day of roll call presentations 
This will be graded off of the audience 

The banners are going to be physical banners that will be used while at conference. These banners will be a representation of your unit and make your unit identifiable to delegates, volunteers, and staff members. 

Banner Timeline 
Friday, October 28th – Banners must be finished before conference and judging 

Banner Guidelines 
This section will focus on the rules and guidelines of creating a banner and go over the points for said banners. 

- Each Banner has a maximum point value of 50 points


- Banners cannot exceed 3’ by 5’
This will count as (10 points)​


- Must include Detective Unit Name – (10 points) 

- Include GLACURH 2022 – (10 points)

- Must include the Theme – (10 points)

- Must have a creative component – (10 points)